Coldingham Bay

Another beautiful morning.  I walked then ran – the run was around 4.4 miles.  It was a good but slow run.  Once home I had about ten minutes to shower and get ready for a  Zoom call with TT’s sister and husband.  We had a lovely catch up, having not chatted for ages.  It only ended as TT had to go and collect BB who was at football training.  After lunch we headed down the A1 to Coldingham.  Almost immediately I got out of the car I had to put another fleece on – the wind was bracing.  We did a circuit down to the beach along to St Abbs and back to Coldingham via the Creel Path.  It was a lovely afternoon.  There were a few folks on the beach and a few folks in the water at Coldingham.  Rather them than me. 
We got a takeaway snack from the café at St Abbs.  A magnum brightened BB’s mood, having been dragged out for a  walk by his awful parents; and lovely cakes were our reward for putting up with teenage sullenness.  The boys hatched a plan for a barbeque for tea which meant picking up supplies on the way home.
Later we facetimed TT’s mum in her new abode. She is settling in, but still has a load of stuff to unpack. And after that there was Line of Duty.  Where is it going?
I love this view of Coldingham Bay – the colours of the sea were just gorgeous – all shades of aquamarine.  The extra shows the boys in St Abbs.

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