BB had rugby training and TT was helping at church.  I had peace at home to do some chores and the washing machine was working overtime.  Later in the morning TT and I went down town and paid a visit to the Farmers’ market.  It was grey and chilly when we left, so we dressed appropriately.  By the time we got home the sun was out and we were both feeling very over-dressed. As is becoming a habit, TT bought beer and Scotch eggs at he Market.  I bought bread and rolls.  We then wandered through town to the river and back home via the supermarket. 
We ate lunch in the garden again, but it wasn’t nearly as warm as yesterday – it was sunny and bright but with a chilly wind.  TT spent the afternoon gardening.   I planted a few seeds, before finishing off a few jobs in the house.  Late afternoon I headed out for a wee walk.  I couldn’t persuade anyone to join me.  It was lovely.  Lots of fresh green leaves appearing and lots of birds fluttering around.  My route back into town took me along a track which used to be by a stream that ran between two fields.  It is now a stream between two building sites.  Not quite the same really.
I was on tea tonight which was  from The Roasting Tin and required very little effort for a  very tasty meal.  Later TT and I started watching The Bureau.  I dozed off, so fear I have missed something important.  Not the most exciting day, but a nice and relaxing day.
This building has been under scaffolding for a very long time.  We actually stopped in our tracks today as most of the scaffolding has gone and it has been revealed -  fully renovated and is looking really good.  However it’s not quite done – there  will be a further update on Tuesday (extra).  The sea gulls will be replaced.

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