By iaint


Tuesday’s activity has been limited by the weather. It rained most of the day. 

After lunch I drove west to the Culbin Forest for a short walk, encouraged by the weather forecast predicting a dry afternoon. It was wrong. 

I walked anyway - about 90 minutes. The upside of the weather was it kept the area quiet. I hardly saw anyone (Blipped). The other positive was I had no pain from my heel. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

I used my time in the morning to organise an appointment with a physio for next week. When she is finished with my shoulder she can - if need be - move down to my heel. I suppose most people my age turn up with a shopping list.

I think I have also managed to arrange a 2 night escape for next month. They have availability. The price is fine. I just have to decide. In the past a drive of over 4 hours each way might have seemed too much for just 2 nights away. Right now the urge is very strong to escape whenever possible and wherever it takes me.  

Still in the holiday spirit, dinner was pizza and beer (Extra). I had almost forgotten how much I love that. Good beer is essential, obviously, and Paulaner Hell is my favourite from what the various Munich breweries offer. I had almost forgotten how much I love it on its own. Happy Mixed memories. 

Oh, and I finished a book. 

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