By JeanSnaps


Loaded up the car with most of the garden stumps this morning then came in to have breakfast, read the news and do the crossword.  Set Roomba going upstairs, checked my bank account and refined my ideas for the front garden.  I want to keep it as simple as possible.  Then it was time to go to the recycling so I moved Roomba downstairs and set off.
The garden waste area was busy with three badly parked blokes so I had to wait.
From there I went to the local garden centre.  It was refurbished just before the pandemic so between that and the one way system it was all new to me.  Not that many plants and nothing I wanted but I bought some compost and plant food and hormone rooting powder to show willing.  They are very big on shrubs and trees and pots none of which I want.
Downstairs was hoovered when I got back so  I gave it an overdue mop and felt quite pleased with myself. I'd covered a reasonable amount of ground which my legs seemed more or less happy with. Maybe I'll start gardening again tomorrow or Saturday but I'm going to limit myself to half an hour.  Found one campion flower out at the top of the garden for my photo of the day.  Plenty more on the way.

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