By hazelh

Bullfinch at the bedroom window

Just over nine months ago on 14th July 2020 I commented on my insane joy when looking out my bedroom window. Since the completion of the garden makeover, my happiness is even greater. Today it reached a complete new high when I managed to snap this bullfinch in our window bird feeder. Just out of shot, there were also blackbirds on the bird table at the same time. See also the newly stained garden furniture here.

Also today: Jon joined me and Mr hazelh on our morning walk; I had a phone consultation about my joints with the GP and will be x-rayed next week; Jackie resumed her Thursday morning visits to us now that tradespeople are now allowed into houses (and she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the new version of garden); and I worked mainly on providing feedback on two documents for colleagues.

Exercise today: a little walking (7456 steps).

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