By hazelh

Reunion with Mummy hazelh

I saw my mummy today, for the first time since September last year - hurrah! We met for lunch and an exchange of Christmas presents at the Buccleuch Arms in St Boswells. My not-so-little sister was Mummy hazelh's chauffeur. They drove up from Hexham in the precious Volvo (see the extra). Of course, I had to subject my poor mother to the whole story of the garden makeover, complete with photographic evidence.

My middle sister and my brother-in-law also joined us for the celebrations. This was not quite so exciting since we have already seen them this week when they paid a visit to Edinburgh on Tuesday.

After lunch Mr hazelh and I took a walk up Eildon Hill North. It was lovely to sunbathe in the sunshine at the summit.

Earlier in the day (and I mean much earlier - beginning at 5:00am) I finished editing the manuscript of a conference paper that is due for submission on Monday.

Exercise today: walking (10,007 steps).

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