By dunkyc

Time out

A difficult working week has finally reached its conclusion and m’colleague has now finished up as her redundancy kicks in.

I spoke to her this morning and if I have my numbers right, she is the third female this week who has been in tears following a conversation with me. Still got it…

It’s so sad, because she really doesn’t want to go and yet in a testament to her character she has kept working right up until the end where others have (understandably) downed tools. 

The forecast for the next few days is not the best, so I thought I would snap a the sunny outlook from my desk for posterity.

Finished up the day with one less child as after dinner, Matty opted for a sleepover at the parents leaving me and m’boy able to watch Top Gear together for the first time - which he loved - and The Eldest and I giggled and cringed our way through Gogglebox.

Speaking of The Eldest, thanks for your kind words of support. I'm pleased to say that she got back to school today and had a good day, so hopefully she'll be able to kick on from there.

The Bank Holiday has come at the best possible time, so regardless of what the weather does, I am looking forward to three days with my family and not even thinking about work!


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