Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Yoga mat and acers

As if taking 100 photographs of tulips weren’t enough I’m joining in the #CaptainTom100 challenge this weekend. This is to raise awareness of, and even a bit of money for, two third sector organisations dear to my heart – EquiPower and Special Olympics GB.

For this weekend's challenge my daughter (closely associated with both Equipower and SOGB) and I are doing 10 yoga flows, each with 10 positions. Unfortunately for us video evidence of this has to be provided but not on blip that’s for sure. Our lovely yoga teacher has worked out the following for us – not too strenuous by any means:

2.Forward fold
3.Halfway up then fold again
4.Step back into downward dog
5.Knees down to table
6.Hips back to child's pose (good for a wee rest once you've done a few rounds!)
7.Back up to table
8.Downward dog
9.Walk feet towards hands forward fold
10.Halfway up then fold
Up to Tadasana and repeat …

I have conflicted views about funding for the third sector. On the one hand people can end up doing outlandish things – but get the satisfaction of doing them and repaying in some way the support they have had. On the other (slightly more) secure funding can be obtained through tendering for work on behalf of statutory agencies. Then the third sector can become an extension of e.g. the Local Authority or Health Board and loses some of its autonomy. Its function as a campaigning sector can be compromised. It’s not an easy circle to square.

Putting that debate aside for just now we are donning our yoga gear and getting on to our mats ready for the challenge.  Not that I'll be doing this challenge in the garden.


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