Everyday Life

By Julez

Behave, You Two!

We decided to go out this morning to Hartsholme and Swanholme for a walk round and to search out Blips before the weather turned even duller and damper than it already was. It was pretty showery and the breeze was quite sharp but we had a good walk and took photos of the wildlife that we saw. 

This shot of a Greylag goose and two of her chicks is my favourite for today, though I also saw some sweet little rats, squirrels, robins, Canada geese etc.

It is strange - we walked the same distance but I had 10,000 steps before we came home  and Bri was almost 2000 short! I had a few more to begin with but not that many! We concluded that it is due to him having a longer stride than I do!

Once home we ate lunch and I finalised the documents for The Form - it is now ready to drop into the post-box on the corner to go tomorrow! We have the snooker final on TV and can now chill out for a while!

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