Everyday Life

By Julez


Today brought the exciting tasks of cleaning and reorganising the fridge, cleaning the kitchen and getting the bins ready for emptying. It has been cold and wet and generally Autumnal. There is a time and a place for that sort of weather, and May is not the time!

After lunch I went for a walk to send off post and find a Blip. I nearly came home after the post office as the sky just opened and torrential rain poured down. Grace had spoken to the GP and had been assured that her inhaler prescription would now be ready though, so I carried on walking and within a few minutes the rain stopped. 

I took a few shots in the Arboretum then walked back the long way by going down to the end of Monks Rd and along Broadgate then back alongside the river. That is where I saw this swan on her nest just the other side of the fence separating the road from the river. I can see three eggs there! It's also the neatest swan-nest I ever saw!

I think I'll have a coffee and read my book now, until I have to start prepping veg for tea.

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