An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

You shall have a fishy...

I've never been a fan of anchovies, but that all changed a couple of years ago when I discovered these little beauties...marinated anchovies in sunflower oil.  Absolutely delicious :-))

As I nibbled on some while I prepared lunch, I was struck by how pretty they are so a quick click of my phone and my blip was done!  

The weather has been awful today.  Typical bank holiday - pouring rain!  So glad we went away last week and not this as the weather forecast is awful all week.  David's playing golf at Dunbar tomorrow,  Rather him than me!

Spent the afternoon working on completing the drawing of the Chookie Birdie for my friend's sister.  A wee adjustment to make and an addition of some letters and the painting can begin.  I was hoping to start tomorrow but I have signed up for a Photoshop Course with the RPS so my attention will be taken up with that tomorrow.  

It will be a technological challenge for me as I will be using MacBook Air to work alongside the tutor in Photoshop, whilst using Alan's laptop to access the course via zoom.  Alan's laptop is a PC, which I haven't used for years so here's hoping I can work it!  David won't the here to bail me out if I get into difficulties!  

The tutor has sent through the notes for tomorrow so just going to read over them now to be semi prepared!  

Wish me luck!  :-)

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