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By Damnonii

Down amongst the Daisies...Sold!

Before the paint was dry!  (Thank you LeeAnne! :-))

Getting organised for going on holiday continues.  Still no clothes looked out but art stuff finally sorted and packed.

Went to the studio after lunch to look out all the stuff I want to take (everything!) then began the torturous task of deciding what to leave behind.  In the end all I am taking is watercolour paint and the necessary brushes, paper, pens and pencils to accommodate that.  Decided acrylics, Brusho, alcohol inks and spray inks are too messy for holiday houses!

The actual packing of the art stuff took around half an hour and I was through there for about four hours!  The little daisy painting I started earlier in the week was staring me in the face and I couldn't resist finishing it.  

I left it the other day after painting two large bees in the space at the top, thinking I had ruined it as they were completely out of proportion with the rest of the painting (and they scared me a little if I'm honest! lol) but then I remembered the joy of acrylics is that unlike watercolour, it is a completely forgiving medium and I could just paint over my mistakes, which is what I did!

Sent a photo of the finished painting to friends LeeAnne and Gail and LeeAnne immediately responded asking if it was for sale!  Not bad for what is in essence a practice piece!  :-)  We have come to an arrangement whereby instead of paying me money, she pays me with her time.  

She is so skilled at everything, I know it won't be long before I will be needing her fabulous imagination and talented hands, so having some virtual credit to buy her time suits me :-)

Just about to sort out my holiday reading. A friend has recommended two books by John MacKay, Scottish broadcast journalist and TV presenter.  They are The Road Dance and Home.  Both books have a Lewis connection (his family are from Lewis) so apt reading I think :-)

Two more sleeps then off we go! :-))

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