An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

If you go down to the woods today...

Today's blip is another of our collaborative shots where David Facetimes me from the Cloan Estate showing me his surroundings and I guide him to get the shot I want.  It's good fun but if anyone were to overhear our conversation I am sure they would wonder what on earth was going on!  

The day got off to a slow start, with my don't delay, procrastinate today attitude to the fore.  Groan

That said, I did finally get my suitcase packed this afternoon (David is in charge of his own packing :-) and all that's left to pack is the overnight bag for our stay in Ullapool tomorrow night.  I am trying to persuade myself to get it done tonight but since it's gone 11.30pm, that seems unlikely.  I will force myself to get up an hour earlier in the morning and get it done then.  Who's that taking bets on the likelihood of that happening?!!

Tommy the roofer and his team made a start on stripping the paint off the roof coping stones and quoins round the windows today, to take them back to their natural sandstone.  I know it will look amazing when it's finished, but at the moment it looks a little like we've taken leave of our senses!  

Tommy, who is passionate about stonework and old houses, announced he is having three stone plaques made, one with the house name engraved into the stone, and two with the year it was built (1900)  The house name he will put on the wall on the two-storey part of the house, under the apex of the roof, with the dated stones going just under the apex of each of the two single-storey roofs.  He is so excited about this and the original sandstone being revealed!  He keeps enthusing that it will all be stunning in the end and asking us to trust him, so we are.  He's certainly better qualified than us to visualise the end result!  :-)

Extra cuddles with Lola tonight as she's off on her hols with her pal R tomorrow at 8am.  We are going to miss her so much! 

Earlier in the week I looked at the weather forecast for Ullapool on Friday and Tarbert for the weekend and was slightly down on seeing it was to be cloudy with rain.  Just checked again and it's much improved!  Yay!  Hope it keeps getting better :D 

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