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By Sallymair


Today did not start well. I was up early to take Ali's dog to the vet for some dental work. On the way I passed a deer lying on the pavement, it must have been hit by a car on the Queensferry Road. The poor thing was still there when I came back over an hour later so I contacted the council. I've lived here all my life and its only in the last two or three years that I've realised that there are deer in the woods where I spent every walking moment as a child. I wonder if they are recent arrivals.
I went to my physio appointment next, Sam is very pleased with me and impressed with the strength of my knee. I am now doing lunges!!! I didn't think I would ever right such a thing. I notice that I have lost a lot of the 'sprung' in my knee, getting up without something to hang onto ones not at all easy and very inelegant!
I popped into the garden centre at Mortonhall and in spite of thebear's threats a couple of weeks ago they still had some brownies, and fresh Scottish Blacketyside strawberries too.
Oh and the weather, a cold very morning and then I got caught in an extraordinary heavy hailstorm. the hail was bouncing off the windscreen making it difficult to see. Even although the horse had bolted, so to speak, I closed up the coldframe and greenhouse early this afternoon.
I got home to what I suppose was inevitable news. A friend of mine in Chennai was taken ill yesterday and died today of Covid. He had no symptoms until he was ill and then he was gone. His wife is struggling to survive and his brother is also seriously ill. Were it not for their children, I wonder if she would prefer not to. Their lives changed in an instant. They've been good friends of mine since 1997 and we always made a point of meeting up when I was there. I don't know any detail, I don't know if there are the same problems with funerals as further north, I do know it will happen very quickly as is the custom. There will be no church service though which will be hard for the family.

This evening we had bridge and for a change Colin and I played together, from different rooms, not even sharing the same Internet connection. We won resoundingly which felt good.

Keep safe and well everybody and if you pray, please pray for Glory and her family as she struggles in hospital, and for Jeyapaul who, as they say in India - is no more.

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