Adam's Images

By ajt

Huit ans

Apparently today marks my eighth year of Blipping. As I said a year ago it's not strictly true as I've had a few gaps over the years. Over the past year I think I rather like these, as my best efforts:

Bright blue - its rather bold
Dilapidated Mono - one of my favourite monochrome images
Ears a flap - my wife loves this picture
Tournesol - I love the structure on this one
Windy - this one ended up in the Guardian
Stitched Fort - by chance two pictures stitched together very well
Merry montage - I've done a lot of stamps in the last year!
Snow - we don't normally get any so it was a surprise
Diggers - and now I'm photographing building work...

The light was a bit flat and failing when I took day's blips after work. The main picture is a small lawn daisy growin up against some rusting demolition waste, and the extras are forget-me-nots and a pea-tree flower.

Work has been relatively productive this week too, so not bad all things considered.

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