By Veronica

Simply Red

As opposed to Bleu blanc rouge.

Feeling a bit weary this morning, we weren't very quick off the mark, but decided to go to a small producers' market in Tourouzelle. The main attraction was some craft beer made by a new member of my book group who moved here and set up his brewery during lockdown. So we had a chat with him and picked up one can each of his seven different beers. Will report back on those later. 

We must have been in a spendy mood because we then wandered round and bought biscuits, wild cherry jam, locally grown saffron, some rooibos tea flavoured with citrus fruits, and some semi-dried apple coated in cinnamon sugar. Note, we hadn't had breakfast and this last purchase was nibbled in the car on the way home.

On the way out we'd spotted a field of poppies in the distance, so we did a little detour to find it on the way back. It wasn't hard ... we pulled up behind two other cars which had also stopped for the phones to come out. Very impressive; a wider view in extras. It's a pity it was so overcast.

Back home, lunch was freshly made Yorkshire puddings, which since we didn't have any guests turned out just fine, with left-over gravy and the one slice of pork that remained from what had seemed a very large joint. It was followed by the last portion of prune and Armagnac tart, and a couple more Yorkshires with maple syrup and cream. All very Slimming World.

Then quiet time at home ... if it had been nicer I'd have gone for a walk, but it seems the clouds will be here for a while. I'm still plodding through my book club choice, How Much of These Hills is Gold. It's a good book but I'm finding it hard to stick with it for some reason.

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