By davidc

MonoMonday: Begins with "T"

Laurie54 would like blips on anything that "BEGINS WITH T" for today's MM challenge.

Well as a true Geordie (having been born almost within the smell of the Tyne in the 1950s) what could be better for me to blip for this challenge than the Training Centre for the Toon Army Team? Photographed, as you can see, looking through the Trees. I pass this most days on my morning walk.

(Confession: It's hard to find anyone with less interest in soccer than me, so maybe I'm not a true Geordie after all: I'll leave that up to you. Having said that, purely from a "patriotic" standpoint, I do like it when our team is doing well - if only because it means local folk are in a good mood! And it always pleases fellow blipper Dollydoug!)

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