Room with a view

Another day like all the rest! In spite of the beginnings of rain I went back to the place where I photographed the tree yesterday and knocked on the door. A little elderly lady answered the door and I explained who I was and what I wanted. She told me that they had been there for six years and had no idea what tree it was, only that last year part of the tree had died or was looking unhappy so they had to have it removed - the logs were still stacked up outside the door. She suggested talking to the people over the road, who were away just now, as they'd been there for a long time and might know more. I also put the pictures on a Plant Ident Facebook page, but like all of these pages you get both sensible ideas and wild suggestions. Maybe it's a cherry! So the story continues.

The house in my Blip is one that belongs to a neighbour and is visible from my door a few hundred yards away. I love it - a striking building and with a wonderful view over the town and beyond to the hills of Kerrera.

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