A day in the life

By Shelling

Mayday, Mayday

What started yesterday afternoon has developed into a marvellous Mayday. Sunny, mild, gentle winds, birdsong, happy faces. I've been out most of the day, breakfast on the veranda,  MOT in the morning, lunch on the veranda, rehearsing outdoor, planting a flower, weeding, a quick run, evening snack on my porch in the sun. This is what life is all about -until Thursday, when rain and chill is back again for a while.

The annual inspection of the car, the MOT went much better than expected. My car is from 2015 and I'm expecting costly things to happen to it about now but, it went through without a mark. It cost £40 for for the test, and in return we get a fleet of cars we can trust to be safe, more or less. In most cases they are safer than their drivers, who don't get a check-up on their traffic knowledge and health condition every year.

In the plant -school they sold an "outdoor Begonia" which looked exactly like my "Christmas Begonia". I asked if it would work to plant my Begonia outdoor, in a cauldron that I use for plants. She wasn't sure, the outdoor, or indoor Begonia is probably treated in some way, but I'll try, as you see in the main. 
When I bought it for Christmas I thought it would liven up my home a bit but it lost all of its flowers as soon as I got it in the house. I kept it though because it had nice green leaves. Then, in March it started flowering madly and has grown ever since. I'm excited to see if it can handle a Swedish summer as well.

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