By JeanSnaps

There had to be a wave.

It didn't rain at all today !  Thought about going up to the radio mast on Falkland Hill this morning but didn't.  What an idiot. Dug up some grass and Spanish bluebells. The last bit to be cleared in the front garden.  Had another go at the stumps.  Emma's Dad is going to take them out sometime in the next two weeks but I can tell I'm not going to leave them alone until he arrives.  Cut another root on the shrub rose.  It shoogles like a loose tooth but won't come out.  Debbie was second coating her fence so we had a good chat. She is getting new guttering which has reminded me that mine needs painted.
Spent the afternoon buying stuff.  Paint for my fence. Some new brushes. Outside door mats.  I've lived here for thirty years and only have the one door mat at the kitchen door which I don't even like.  Checked to see if any lamium had regrown in the back garden.  Some had but it's now gone. Amended tomorrow's  grocery order.  Faffed around in a dither trying to buy flowers to send to Emma, realised the sun had gone and I hadn't a photo so ended up on the beach at Lower Largo.  The tide was out and the beach was empty.  Just me and sand and some rocks.  I can stand in a trance for hours watching the waves. 

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