We were invited to a story telling and music brunch today and have just staggered home. A very cosmopolitan gathering, we were entertained by a fine gang of musicans and storytellers. Before television and radio, story telling was a traditional and popular pastime. Neighbours would gather in kitchens to listen to each other, or to a professional seanchai (usually a travelling storyteller) recount stories passed down from generation to generation. Although not so common today, there's still an annual story telling festival on Cape Clear - TJ went last year. Anyway today's blip is of Michael and Wendy (I'm not entirely sure I've got your names right so apologies if not) - professional story tellers both, who have managed to make a lively living doing what they both love, and are brilliant at. Michael told us a tale from Dartmoor involving an imaginary (or was it) black dog; and Wendy sang her story - a version of the beautiful girl having to kiss the ugly creature which turns into a handsome young man! Who needs the telly??

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