Wine from Uruguay

The friends we saw at the weekend gave *us* a bottle of wine (we were supposed to be giving them some wine...), which we drank this evening. They are Uruguayan and so were very excited that Aldi (I think) had a delivery of Uruguayan wine, which was rapidly removed from the shelves by the UK community of Uruguayans! It was a fresh and lively wine. Good to drink, but not (yet) a rounded experience.

Thinking of those friends reminds me of a story they told us at the weekend, which I'll come to in a moment. My "outing" today was on the bike to Stockbridge and specifically to the butchers. I was standing in the doorway of the butchers, adjusting my mask, when a woman behind me said "excuse me", and pushed past and into the shop. I have to say I was incensed at her queue pushing, and all she kept saying was that I was too disorganised to have my mask ready, so she was entitled to go first. As it happened, there wasn't a queue, but there was one person being served. If there had been nobody in the shop, I would have stepped inside adjusting my mask as I went....But as there was someone there, I decided to wait. It reminded me of a story our friends told us at the weekend, about their early morning trips last week to different branches of Lidl to get some paddleboards for their family, on the day they were due to go on sale at a special price. The two parents were involved, along with the oldest son. V, the mother, told us about being the first person in the queue, outside her designated Lidl, from 7.15am. She was chatting to a woman in the queue behind her. who then just marched in front of her when the shop opened and took the paddleboard V was intending to buy, literally from under her nose (after V had literally run across the store to find the boards). No sense of the queue at all. My only regret this afternoon was failing to ask the annoying queue-jumping woman in the butchers whether she was enjoying the use of the paddleboard that she had clearly swiped at Lidl last week. A commonality of behaviours.

Other than that, I want to say congratulations to Glasgow on resisting state force today.

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