By Irish59

All Dressed Up

I didn’t expect to blip another Bluejay so soon but when opportunity knocks… • After breakfast we visited our favorite Nursery/Landscaping store to pick up a few annual flowers, another joe pye weed, seed potatoes and miscellaneous veggie seeds; next week we’ll return to purchase the veggie seedlings we want to grow in the garden. We’re currently hardening off broccoli and leek seedlings for planting soon • I assembled our new electric push mower today. The batteries are charging for its maiden voyage tomorrow. Our property is hilly so we do use a rider for that but we’ll mow the flat areas with our new environmentally friendly toy • We splurged for Chinese Take-out tonight which we’ll be enjoying soon while watching Line Of Duty. So many of you have talked about it that MrsP and I decided to jump in too. Two Thumbs Up so far!

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