By hazelh

Yard renovations - before

There is quite a lot going on here - both in the photograph and just beneath it.

First, you can see the terrible state of our basement area walls. Next week they will look much better after the stone mason has stripped off the old paint and moss, then done some pointing.

So that this work can be done safely, some electrical equipment has been made waterproof. The electrician came this morning to box in the main fuse (to the left of the shot) and some electrical junctions (see one beneath the arch and above the door of shed 2).

To the right of the shot is 'the most beautiful clematis in Edinburgh'. It is also the most naughty. It has been lifting the paving stones on the street above, creating a trip hazard for our neighbours. Mr hazelh fixed this yesterday. Unfortunately Mr hazelh had to remove some of the plant's roots in the process, so much of it is going to die off in the next few days.

When I took this photograph Mr hazelh was sitting just out of shot at our picnic table with our next door neighbour. He was Computer Superman again, busy fixing her laptop.

My (supposed non-work) day: on campus in the morning to print out various documents including two PhD theses soon to be examined, then a meeting at Starbucks with my PhD student Rachel; at home in the afternoon on household admin with an eye on work email.

I walked to and from campus through town today. Apart from people in masks, the city streets almost seemed normal.

Exercise today: walking (~18,022 steps).

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