An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Up and at 'em!

Alan had an appointment at the Wheelchair Clinic in Dundee this morning, so that meant a very early rise for him.  Still time for a spot of disco before he headed off :-))

D had a round of golf planned at Leven in the afternoon and the plan was he would head there straight after the appointment, and Alan and his support worker would have a day in Dundee but alas, the best laid plans and all that.  There was a rota mix up and the agency worker who was supposed to be in today had been double booked and was already at her other placement, so Alan was stuck with D and the golf was missed.

I stayed home as we had the pool guys here attempting to fix a problem with the air handling unit.  A part is needed apparently but he didn't have it with him, so will have to return another day.

To cheer us all up, I turned the four sad, over-ripe-destined-for-the-bin bananas into delicious banana bread (see extra) The smell was amazing and made D smile when he walked in the door.  Mission accomplished :D

Wheelchair appointment went well.  Bio engineer agrees that the current chair is past it's sell by date and a more supportive seating system is required.  

Alan's seating position in the photo is as good as it gets in that chair and he's only upright like that for a few minutes.  As soon as he starts to move his bottom and hips slip forward and he ends up sacral sitting.  Not a good position for him, or any of us, to be in!

So next appointment in July will see him getting fitted for a new seat, and the new chair, complete with seat, will be ready for final fitting at the beginning of September.   Not an ideal length of time to have to wait, but grateful we have such a wonderful clinic with fabulous bio-engineers.

So the banana bread has gone down a treat, I have done some more work on my painting commission (almost finished!  Woo hoo :-) and I have arranged a date with my bestie Agnes to photograph her jewellery for her Etsy page. 

Looking forward to that as it's been on hold for ages!  Now she can come in the house, we can have an afternoon of fun and experimentation AND I get to see all her lovely jewellery!  :-)))

Tulip Thursday :-)

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