By Teasel


I risked a pre-work walk – it was so grey and dark I expected to get soaked, but obviously hoped that I didn’t.  I didn’t so that was a relief.  I hadn’t been sitting at my laptop for long before I became mesmerised by torrential rain – absolutely torrential  I was so glad I had missed being out in it.  I had a busy day, but managed to grab another quick walk at lunchtime, between torrential rain showers.
BB had a football match in Edinburgh this evening.  it seemed to be brightening, but there were still black clouds.  TT thought I was mad to even be thinking about joining them, but a couple of colleagues who are Edinburgh based separately messaged me to let me know they were logging off and there was a hint of sunshine.  That made my mind up.  I quickly logged off, grabbed my stuff and joined the boys for a trip to the city.
TT accompanied me for a wander around Leith.  It was a lovely evening, but we did always seem to be in the shadow of big black clouds.  I was very taken with all the outside seating and cafe society.  It seemed like another world to us country bumpkins, as we have hardly been in Edinburgh for such a long time.  TT left me and headed back to watch the second half, I kept wandering.  Years ago I lived in a flat on Leith Walk, so I wandered by to check it out.  The front door still looks as shabby as it ever did.
As I got back to the football, there were a few spots of rain.  I didn’t have long to wait on the match finishing.  They won – Hurrah!
It was then home for a late and unplanned tea.
There were lovely reflections  tonight.

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