By Teasel


Such a grey and dull day – all day.  At least it didn’t rain.  My day followed the usual routine,  By the time I got to around 5pm  I was really running out of steam.  It’s always at about that time I look at my calendar for next week.  It doesn’t look too bad, but I said that about this week and it just filled up with meetings.  Two things have been on my to list since Monday morning.  I got one done this morning, the other is half done.  Next week’s to do list has a couple of tricky things on it, and the remains of this week’s list.
I went out for a walk this evening, and it was quite pleasant.  I had a feeling of being watched and spotted a deer in the oil seed rape field watching me.  By the time I got my camera out, it had run off.  I came home and finished series three of Borgen.  I believe they are making series four just now.
The rhododendrons at Alderston House are coming into bloom.

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