By Teasel

Across The Rooftops To Fife

Instead of trackie bottoms and a t-shirt today, I got dressed – not quite in work clothes, but a shirt and jeans.  I spent the morning at the kitchen table doing my day job, then I was doing a shift in my “volunteering role”.  I had to be at the office for 1:45pm, for a handover briefing.  I had fifteen minutes to spare so took a quick walk around Calton Hill. The views across to Fife were very clear.

It was another quiet shift, but again I was working with a good team and there was lots of chat.  Our shift was scheduled to finish at 10pm, but we got away at 8.15pm, which was a bonus.

TT had saved me some tea, which I devoured quickly, then headed out for another uninspired walk – along the road and back again.

It was a very clear day.  The views to Fife were amazing.

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