By Teasel


Friday and my day off - except I offered to work as we had so much to do and a big Monday deadline.  I went for my usual pre-work walk.  I had hoped I might only have to work until lunchtime, but two colleagues were on half days so I did a full day.  We pulled in an additional colleague to assist us so at least I had some support when the other two finished.  I was ignoring my day job mostly – but once we had got an almost final position with the material for the unreasonable deadline, I reverted to some day job work, just to finish things off as I am off next week.    When I hear the PM talking about people being less productive when working from home, he just has absolutely no idea. 
TT was at work again today and BB had his last exam, physics,  this afternoon.  He went into school in the morning to finish off a piece of class work for another subject before he went to his exam, which seemed like a very relaxed approach to me.  He said the exam was ok – but most of them have been ok!  He can forget about them for a while now, which is always a great feeling.   I don’t know it has felt for him, but for me they have flown by.  He is one of the first to finish and most of his friends have still got exams next week.  BB now has a couple of weeks off, which is very nice for him.
I hadn’t the energy to cook tea, so we had fish and chips.  Once again I hadn’t moved all day, so  went for a walk this evening and then later I collapsed in front of the TV.
This old winch is down by the river, and is usually overgrown – and will be again soon.

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