By Teasel

Bluebell Wood

I headed off to meet a friend this morning.  I was half way there when I realised there was very little petrol in the car.  I just hoped there was enough to get me to my destination and back.  There was!  We had a lovely walk –a great opportunity for a blether to catch up.  It was still very grey and overcast, but quite still and not cold.  We wandered through the woods and by the coast and back to the Foxlake café where we sat by the water watching the wakeboarders, while enjoying a lovely cuppa and delicious cake.
I stopped off for some lovely bread on way home, then headed out to pick up a very tasty lunch. 
After lunch it was down to chores for me.  I’ve done some, but not everything that needs to be done.  It seemed to be brightening up by late afternoon, so I went out to get some things for tea, and took a wee detour to walk by the river.  I got to the supermarket only to find I had forgotten  my mask. I walked home and persuaded TT to give me a lift back down and sent him for petrol!
I was to be Zooming with some friends, but a number of them were not available so we postponed it, so I watched Tulip Fever instead.
We walked though this lovely bluebell wood this morning.

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