Keith B

By keibr

Sundsvall in the Sun

This was the final day of the run of warm weather we have been having. Having worked a few days in the garden we decided to use it to take a break. We needed to pick up some fresh produce from Lasse and Annika (pictured) and check out some garden furniture in a Sundsvall shop, so we agreed to meet at the open-air museum in Sundsvall. We started with coffee, sandwich and a cake (the Swedish fika) bought at the cafe, continued with a walk in the forest, and then walked back up through the museum with its buildings, gardens, and animal enclosures. After a winter of outdoor meetings it felt very nice to be able to sit, walk, and talk under a warm(ish) sun.
The extra picture, slightly surrealistic, shows a fir tree, way out in the forest, nicely decorated for Christmas. Left over from last Xmas, or preparing for the next?

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