By dunkyc

Handsome family

It’s weird, but even after all this time, it still takes me a little while to adjust to the quietness of the house after the children have left.

Fortunately, there was scant time to dwell on this as a busy day lay in store with back to back meetings filling the afternoon, which would require the utmost concentration – aside from the few moments when I dashed outside to bring the washing in from the rain – but other than that, complete and total concentration.

It had been quite a “fatty” weekend with chippy teas, popcorn, ice cream and my patented chocolate orange cookies all featuring, so I was due a run and managed to waddle around a 5k in a surprisingly satisfactory time despite yet another poorly paced effort. My suspect left foot seems to be holding up, which is great as I would like to return to longer distances. Might try and get properly measured up at the weekend for some road running trainers...

It was such a beautiful evening though, so shouldering the big camera, I took a walk along the river looking for anything, but seeing nothing, so continued on for a wander through town. From a doorway, I was greeted by a cascade of verbal abuse questioning my sexual preferences by a grinning former golf buddy who is helping another former golf buddy/neighbour get a new bar ready for launch. I popped in to say hello to the human embodiments of Statler and Waldorf and cast an eye over their preparations, which looked great – very much looking forward to having a pint in there, but given that they told me that the special guest opening the place would be Santa, I won’t hold my breath just yet! I’m sure that first pint of Handsome from them will be worth the wait though.

On my way home, I stopped to enjoy the light catching the tree pollen as it was gently blown across the lawn area outside Abbott Hall and down towards the river. I tried to take a shot of it, but have no idea how to capture that kind of thing with a photo, so had to settle instead for a slow-motion video.

I did spot this family of ducks settling down for a slumber though and thought that a group snap would be a nice way to lean into the evening…

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