An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Scone in a jiffy...

A memorable day!  

Today we had our first in-house visitors since last September!  Well when I say we, I really mean I, as D was heading off to play golf just as they arrived!  

I was delighted to welcome my friends Fiona & Janice, who I haven't seen since January last year!  We normally get together monthly and had arranged to meet up on 19th March last year but Fiona wasn't well so we postponed, then of course lockdown kicked in and that was that!

We've welcomed family and friends in the last couple of weeks for garden visits and weirdly that didn't seem too strange.  This morning as I made scones and set the kitchen table for coffee, it felt very strange indeed....but SO wonderful!  

Fiona and Janice arrived just after 2.30pm and as it always is with good friends, we took up where we left off, although we all thought it strange not to hug (two of us haven't had our second vaccines yet so still being cautious)  We did have a laugh as we poured coffee and tried to remember social norms.  I think we managed not to disgrace ourselves!  hahahaha!

Lola was over the moon to see them both and when we retired to the comfy sofas, she revelled in the attention both Fiona and Janice gave her.  

We chatted for what seemed like an hour then were shocked to discover it was after 5.30pm.  We decided to be optimistic and put a date in our diaries for another get together in a few weeks time. Fingers crossed that will go ahead.

David arrived home from golf with a Chinese takeaway for dinner so no cooking for me.  Woo hoo!  :-)

Just catching up with the daily news and shaking my head in despair at the shambles the UK government have made over foreign travel.  They couldn't organise.a piss up in a brewery.  

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