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This week has been an utter nightmare. Last week a client had a problem - something we hadn't picked up in testing, it was nobody's fault, but it was still a problem. On Monday we tried to do something to fix it, but it didn't work - a configuration problem in production. While we were checking the configuration out I did some tests and discovered that code I wrote over two years ago (before COVID) wasn't working at all for no obvious reason - but I'd not changed it in the interval!!!! All hell broke out, and in the end it turns out that an upgrade somewhere else broke a component I was using....

To cut a long and tedious story short we fell back to plan B and I wrote a repair program to repair things as they are broken, until we upgrade the core component after testing it thoroughly and then we can fix things permanently. The new program should have taken about about a day to do, but at the same time I've added so many checks and extra checks, that it took longer, but I don't want to have any problems when we go live with this, I feel so bad when my code doesn't work because of something I hadn't thought of testing for....

Another client who we had sweated blood to get the code working for them, announced without warning the whole development was off and backed everything out of the development system, and asked use to add the new development back on top. Again it was something that had been done pre-COVID and held up internally at there end for so long that they had changed course and were now doing something different. So late on Friday afternoon, I started back at square one, but to my utter surprise, having been through so much pain on the initial development this one worked perfectly on the first test!

Today's entry for flower Friday is an ox eye daisy, it's survived the building site as it's container moved from one side to the other, but looking back I can see it's about 3 weeks later where we were last year...

My wife was vaccinated today, and I'm due my first jab next week. So far no side-effects from her, which is good.

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