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Odd but productive day.

In the morning my wife to the market to campaign for the Greens in the local elections, and I as a persona non grata, just went to the supermarket. Some people have heard some amazing "fake news", for example some people actually they believe that the Greens want to ban Christmas trees as a first step to banning Catholicism in France...? The truth is that one Mayor, in one town, said he wasn't going to buy a dead tree, move it half way across France to put some lights on it in the town square for a few weeks, when there were plenty of trees already alive in the square, and they would decorate them instead, saving one tree and a few thousand Euro...!

After lunch my wife collected some strawberries and we rescued a paving stone from the building work to reuse as something, and I picked up some screws we've paid for, but once used the builders just discard them rather than any attempt to reuse them for anything else. They are working well, but material reuse isn't in there DNA... The screws are blipped here, I'll use them for something - eventually.

In the afternoon, I showed my wife how to swap the HDD of her sister's old laptop for a new SSD, and then we installed Debian "Bullseye" 11 onto to it, and did the basic setup. I don't think IT stuff is really her thing, but she swapped the drives, and then installed Linux without a hitch and got the proprietary WiFi to work on her first go. The machine is ancient, and underpowered, but with the RAM maxed out, a fast SSD installed, and a light Linux installation instead of Windows Vista, it's actually quite responsive, and perfectly usable.

With that all done, we had Pizza for dinner, and didn't watch Eurovision, even though France came second and the UK scored an infamous nul points... The song isn't exciting but 0 seems bit harsh... Instead we watched Dix pour cent.

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