Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

How Much!

How much can I fit in my mouth?

I have been longing to find some cygnets or goslings or ducklings, but there is nowhere here you can just park up without paying (or walk to without paying)....really missing the canal at Newbury, which was walking distance from home just now!  Might have to drive there again soon...

Anyway, today I have:

Bought a new bed - Tick

Shopped at the supermarket nearby - Tick (not a pleasant experience - rather crowded)

Spent an hour or so in the garden, planting recently bought plants (grass too wet to cut unfortunately...

and after heavy rainfall this afternoon when I just got indoors in time, had a late lunch, then I may have had a nana nap!

Then, finally I went to Dinton Pastures later than 5pm so it wasn't crowded.  I didn't see any baby birds at first, and was going to blip a very young squirrel all on its own (see extra)...

Then I walking along, and someone coming the other way told me of the 15 or so goslings, (of different ages it seems).  So I rushed on to find them as I needed to get back to the car within the hour 

(parking costs have gone up by 15% and I won't go there when its really crowded..  They are building a new activity centre for kids, and there are already loads of play parks).  No wonder there is hardly any wildlife now :(.

Anyway, I digress - I found them all on the shore beside the boating area :)

See extras - buddies together, and the baby squirrel.  

I am having problems getting into my facebook account on my laptop, so unfortunately not able to load pictures.  I will put a few on there via email though.

Happy Saturday folks :)


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