Wild Wednesday ...

... Surgery day.

This is what the hospital looks like at 5:00 AM!  Which just happens to be when I was asked to arrive for a 7:30 am surgery time.

We arrived on time but it took awhile for the registration process.  But I was back in the prep room by 5:30-ish.  Sadly, Richard wasn't allowed back here until shortly before I went in of the surgery.  

I was told to get into one of their lovely gowns and then an IV was started.  Richard was then allowed into the room.  This is the most I will remember of this day as shortly before 7:30 I was given "the good stuff" as I apparently giggled as they administered the knock-out drugs. 

The next think I remember is being transferred to the bed in my hospital room.  The attendants were discussing waiting for a transfer board as they didn't want to injure themselves lifting me without said board. I was slightly offended as I don't weigh that much!

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur ... I mostly slept.  I would wake up on occasion and see my Beloved in the room with me.  It was no doubt a boring day for him.  But I so appreciated knowing he was there.  ♥♥♥

Backblipped: May 22, 2021 .... finally trying to catch up. 

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