Still Rockin'

By RockArea


It's a strange world when Cumbria is the driest place on the journey. After breakfast at the inn where we stayed we drove to Penrith where we got some gaffer tape and double sided tape and did a job on the makeshift door mirror so it could withstand the rain that was forecast. My goodness, they got that one right! We pressed on down the M6 and the rain got gradually heavier as we went south. There was a lot of traffic and it was slow going in some parts, including about 35 miles of 50 mph with no work going on. Apparently they're working at night to update the tech. So why do they have a reduced speed during the day? I expect there's a good reason.

Because the journey was so slow, we didn't get back in time to get our little cat from his holiday home. As we neared home the rain became torrential. What puzzles me is how so many brain dead people are driving on the roads. They must be brain dead if they don't realise that as the visibility gets worse you have to put your lights on. I had every light on I could find and it still didn't seem enough.

My blip is of a couple of lambs sitting under a tree before we left Cumbria. I'm off to Wales tomorrow. It looks as if it might be wet.

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