An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

One man and his dog...

I am happy to report that other than fatigue, we all feel fine after our second vaccinations yesterday.

I slept until 11.15am!  I haven't slept that late for many months.  David slept till 9am, which constitutes a lie in for him.  Alan slept late as usual and has been absolutely fine all day.

After lunch we spent some time online searching for holiday houses on the Isle of Harris for next year.  Since our holiday on Harris & Lewis in 2019 I have been desperate to return.  

Our plan is to spend a week at Alan's support worker Christine's holiday house in Stornoway, and a week in a holiday house on Harris.  We have found the perfect Harris house and it's available when we want to go (May 2022) Slight problem in that we've already booked a week at Loch Tay in May 2022, but will ask the owners if we could change our dates to September.  If that's not possible we will go to the Western Isles in September instead.  

David then headed to the living room to watch the PGA championship from South Carolina, but when I popped my head round the door an hour later to see if he wanted a coffee, he was out for the count.  I just left him to it.  After nabbing my blip of course.  Tee hee!  Lola, as ever, was not far from him.

I spent the afternoon putting the finishing touches to the Chookie Birdie painting for my friend H's sister's 60th birthday.  Lots of eyes to stick on as D is a member of Rock Choir so there are a few little Chookie Birdies representing her singing pals, in the painting.  Decision made over which colour mount and frame and now it is all ready to hand over to H when she visits on Friday.  Phew!

Looking forward to the coming week.  Ele and Kenny coming up for the day  on Wednesday, lunch with John and Norma at a local cafe on Friday (they're heading to Montrose for the weekend so stopping on their way past) then back home for coffee and cake with Heather and Anne in the afternoon.  

Oh the joy of having a social life once again!  :-)) 

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