Everyday Life

By Julez

Still raining!

Well, for most of the day it has, but it's sunny now and the forecast I saw on TV this evening did suggest that better things are on the way by the time we are released from captivity!

The issues with contacting the care home were resolved - or rather circumvented - today. Their usual telecoms system was still playing up but the main office gave me another number for them that maybe is not normally given out, and that worked. 

My Mum is fine and doing well - fully settled in now. My Dad's booked in to see her on her birthday and they are sending me a form to set up a direct debit to pay them. All sorted!!

I nipped out in a lull between the showers and took a couple more back yard photos this afternoon. 

Also today I did a little housework and laundry. I'll do a bit more tomorrow and start yoga again so long as I'm ready before Brian needs to start work. Got to start moving back towards normality!

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