It’s that time of year when people blip calves and baby birds. So I’m joining in.

I saw some ducklings on the way down, but they were on the other side of the WoL, and it was not possible to tell what they were. Perhaps the same goosander ducklings as in hazelh’s extra from yesterday. I couldn’t see any sign of the eider ducklings, which was a bit annoying, as it was me who mentioned them to hazelh! Luckily, the cygnets were out and about. One thing that was not very fine about my walk up The Shore this morning was the amount of discarded rubbish, from people eating and drinking outdoors.

This was on a first-thing-in-the-morning swift walk down to the blue bridge and back - in lieu of a walk to work - before my first rather lengthy online meeting. I attended a PhD lecture in the afternoon, which was a bit odd, because not everyone’s microphone was on mute and there were bizarre noises in the background for most of the time. And instead of walking back from work, I got on the spinning bike for half an hour. Taking exercise in lieu of commuting works quite well for me.

While it was not a terribly nice day, weather wise, today, it’s another fine evening, and perhaps, just maybe, it’s getting a little warmer. The forecast is to hit the heights of 17 degrees tomorrow!

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