By Marionb

The Day was Cold and Dark and Dreary...

....and the wind was whipping the water into white caps and throwing the rain against the window. It was a discouraging start to the day, but as in that poem by Longfellow, the sun was just hiding. By mid-afternoon that sun had broken through and all was well. My sister and I are by ourselves now at the cottage and were quite content to spend a lazy day indoors. Other than bailing out the boat, and finding a blip, we had no onerous tasks to perform. 

I had been waiting for an opportunity to photograph some lady's slippers and noted that three were now blooming, so I have added one in an extra to make up for the dreariness of the main blip. 

Tonight, as last night, we will take our cameras out to the shore in front of the cottage and try to photograph that amazingly bright moon shining over the water and wish we were in a better position to see its total eclipse tonight. Alas, those in western Canada will be the ones who get the best view. Wonder if someone will blip it? 

Came back in after photographing the moon and night sky - see extra

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