An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

I must resist!

Not the buttered digestive there's no chance I'll resist that! I mean the book.

I am gathering my reading material to take on holiday to Kildary at the end of next week and this book arrived today.  It wasn't supposed to come till next week when I thought all I would have to do is stick in my bag with the other books I am taking.  But here it is, sitting there, tempting me to delve in whilst I have three o'clocksies!

I am particularly temped by this book as it's set in an area I know and written in North Lanarkshire dialect. It's written by a young man who grew up in the town he's writing about, as a member of the gangs he's writing about and was affected by the same drug, alcohol and violent experiences he writes about.  

He managed to overcome all of that and graduate with honours in English from Stirling University before gaining his Masters in Creative Writing from the same uni.  This is his first novel and is a best seller.  Good on him.

Other than resisting temptations like this I have done some painting, started my holiday food shopping list, crocheted two squares of the latest never-ending blanket, and made scones.  Well I say made scones, they are made and on the baking tray and are resting happily in the fridge, ready to go in the oven in time for H & A arriving for coffee tomorrow afternoon.  Not like me to be so organised! 

And I have been astounded by the acknowledgement I've had on the Harris Community Facebook page in response to some photos I put on from our holiday there in 2019, including one person asking permission to print one  and another woman asking permission to paint one.  

I've ended up in conversation with the painter lady and we're amused by our shared experiences....she also took up painting again after a break of 20 years and started crocheting recently too. And of course has a love of Harris and Lewis. It's a small world :-)

David's just returned much earlier than I expected from playing in a golf medal.  Turns out he played a blinder and won his round in record time.  Woo hoo!  :-)

P.S. I have managed to resist reading the book so far.

Reunited :-)

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