Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

On The Way Home

On the drive up the mountain on Tuesday I posted a shot of Smokey Bear with the ‘very high’ fire danger sign. I figured I would make my short vacation symmetrical by posting the newest.  You would think they’d invest in a new sign since only one is necessary.

The nights in the mountains were pleasantly cool so everyone staying in the casitas slept with their windows open.  In the middle of last night we were all awakened by the pungent aroma of a skunk spray. One by one, you could hear the sound of windows sliding shut.

It was 84° when I left Madera Canyon and 94° when I arrived at my house. That’s the kind of weather I’ve been talking about. Even though I had only three nights and two full days, it was enough for me to sleep, walk, listen, watch the wildlife and relax.  

Thanks for all the comments, stars and faves (especially on yesterday‘s hummingbird collage). I promise to post this past week’s mono Monday results before the next mono Monday. Best I can do without getting myself all stressed like I was before I left. Thanks for understanding my need to chill.

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