Yin Yang

By laurie54


I left my hearing aid charger in my casita yesterday which caused me to make a quick trip back to the mountains.  While I was there, I got off a quick snap of this Acorn woodpecker. It was kind enough to visit the hummingbird feeder a few feet away.  It was another 'fill the frame' shot.  Those are always great because they usually involve little to no processing.

Thank you for your patience this week as you waited for the mono Monday results from 24 May  (MM383).  I took a few days off to stay in the mountains (Tues-Fri) for a much needed de-stress break.  I didn't make any comments but did give everyone a star so you'd know I saw and read your blip. If you didn't get one, blame my thumb.  There were eight pages of wonderful, creative blips and it was especially difficult to chose from among them.  Given that,
Hearts will be presented to:
Mindseye  Statuesque
Incredibish  Splash
trisharooni Abandoned Servo
Miranda1008 Spikes
Crispin25  Spiral Walkway
RedRach Snake

Honorable Mentions
bababarbara  Sportsmanlike
JulesJourney Slow
Marlieske  A Remembrance (stone)
freespiral  Sea, Shell, Sand & Sole
outdoorguy  A Peek(er) of the Seeker
esiuol  Swift
Irish59 Stripes
TeeJay  Sparkles...
pipersmom  Salt
oilyrag  Spanner (spoon)
dfb24  Savoring

I will be more responsive for the final Monday of the month (MM384). The theme is 'contains a silent letter.'  Please consult  this site for a plethora of ideas!  It will expand your imagination.  I promise.

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