Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Sock Putter On Er

I realize this is a really dumb blip but I don’t have much from today,  The highlight of the day was a lovely zoom chat with my 2 wonderful friends from collage…we’re going to get it together more often.

Anyway Just in case anyone is curious and got this far….I’m looking for everything I can do myself to spare Herb from yet another do it all care giver marathon.   He's not so good at putting on socks...we did the support ones ONCE.  no more. 
This is pretty clever.  Stick the sock on this 3 pronged thing, which has long handles, then if you can get your foot in that little space you can manipulate the plastic thing out by pulling on the straps and voila , the sock is ON the foot!!    Only works with pretty loose socks.  Yes you can see the walker leg.

All because I can’t flex my hip more than 90 degrees.     The other leg I can bend up and get on as usual.


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