By Dakers

Rabbit For Lunch?

The day started with the Harr firmly in place. As morning progressed the heat of the sun gradually caused the fog to retreat to the coast.

The temperature increases and we decided to have lunch outside.

Today’s Blipfoto shows the Rabbit stopper on the bottle of wine  we were finishing from yesterday.

Lunch featured Buffalo Steaks and various sauces and salads. Our pudding was a freshly baked upside down plum and marzipan cake.

All made by Pat.

Quite a number of motorcyclists were out enjoying the sun. Their engines and gear changing could be heard from about a mile away. It certainly did not disturb us, although I suspect that the road limits which vary between 40 and 50 mph were often exceeded.

I did some gardening. It is surprising how much everything has grown in the last week.  We also discussed where the various self seeding trees should be moved to in the Autumn. Pat remarked how tall our Copper Beech had grown since we planted it some fifteen years ago.

We did discuss other things of great interest to us, but they are not appropriate here.

Watched Call The Midwife and a programme about the 10 seasons of Call The Midwife. This really is a remarkable TV series and it is great news to know that a new series is planned.

Also binge watching The West Wing; another wonderful TV series which has hardly aged at all.

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