By flavia13


No not hotel, just a marigold from the garden.

A good Tai Chi session this morning of course.  Not many of us there because a lot of people were either visiting or have visitors but we still had a good session.  Hubby went up his allotment, of course.

After lunch I started catching up on my Mindful Photography course, I've just got a week behind so just needed to do some reading really and ask a few questions.  Whilst I was doing this G went for a walk around the block.  He was gone such a long time that I walked round trying to find out where he  was in case he had had one of  his  bad spells.  No sign of him, his mobile was "SWITCHED OFF".  When I was almost home Hubby called to say he was home now wondering what all the fuss was about!!???  Of course he'd taken a wrong turning so we'd just missed each other and he'd got chatting to some of the locals - he knows more of them than we do!!!!!  Phew, anyway panic ye not!!!??  He will be switching his mobile on in future!!!!!!!!!

Now just an afternoon  relaxing as it's to hot to do anything else really.  

Do take care everyone, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

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