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Childcare overnight didn’t go so badly! They went to bed around 7! But they were still singing and chattering until almost 10 p.m. I was up at 5 a.m., they woke around 6 and got up just after 7. Leisurely breakfast followed. Then out into the garden for a run around “Grangrad...(Emily’s name for me)..can you turn on the sun please?” - had me in stitches.

We had coffee and snacks then went up to the playground before setting off to Doncaster to deliver them home....very, very slow on the A1 southbound! 

We had lunch there and I did a couple of DIY bits for them, and then we set off home, calling in to a garden centre on the way.

Home, cup of tea, then an hour loading the car with rubbish for the tip tomorrow. Found another amphibian in the garden... a frog this time. They seem to be doing a good job of keeping slugs down as none of our plants have been eaten this year (yet).

Suddenly realised I had no blip, so rushed off to the woods for a quick shot before tea. Saw this tiny cascade flowing over a rock, with just a hint of the evening sun catching the water.

Simple supper, baked potato, beans and tuna. Bit of salad left over from yesterday! Beer tonight - yay!

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