Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



It's Sunday and the start of a new week. G just had one lesson and needed to be in school for 12:15. I managed to tackle some much-needed chores before driving her. We had accumulated quite a lot of recycling that needed to be disposed of as well!

G's workday done, we raced home as she had to be ready to be collected at 3 pm to go for a "walk" on an island in Sharjah. We had a hummus and tabouleh sandwich for lunch and then G went out whilst I worked on (yet another) video! I was looking for new material and ended up pulling these CDs from the shelf!

G came home hot and desperately needed a shower. She'd had a good afternoon checking out a new place. There was a butterfly garden, a cafe (where they gave her a doggie bag to bring home), and a youth orchestra who performed for the group. All unexpected!

We, er, headed to Wafi again after we ate the pasta that G brought home. Yesterday's quick dash in Carrefour had us bring home some Iranian tomatoes that taste divine. I wanted to get some more. As is so often the case, you go back and the item you want no longer exists. A member of staff said how popular the tomatoes had been and said to come back tomorrow morning.

I treated G to an iced tea in Icons Lounge. Had I taken my camera with me, my blip would have been from there. Their strapline is "make life remarkable". We shall definitely try! :))

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